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A handheld blade is used to create hair strokes onto the skin, matching the color and thickness of the client's own natural hair. 

This technique uses a handheld machine that tattoos color onto the client's brow, creating a soft, uniform "powdery" finish.

A combination of both techniques to provide the most natural, detailed brow. This is for clients that want the soft look of microshading but with added hairstrokes for a beautiful 3-D effect.

A custom color is blended according to the client's preference. You can have a soft rosy hue or a dramatic pop of pink, all without having to wear lipstick or gloss!

Redefine your eyes without having to draw on eyeliner every day! Permanent eyeliner enhances your eyes by either creating a natural-looking thin stroke along the lashline or a bolder, thicker line that mimics liquid eyeliner.

*All services include touch up after 4-6 weeks

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