Beauty Tips For Your Wedding Day

Brides are stressed out enough on their wedding day without having to worry about all the little

things that can go wrong.  And not to be the harbinger of doom, but something will go wrong. Hopefully, whatever foibles occur will be minor and easy to fix. To help, I've compiled a list of hints and tips that will make your big day go easier so that you can enjoy yourself and have fun!

1) You don't need an arsenal of makeup and hair products for touch ups.  All you really need is

translucent powder, lipstick or gloss, hairspray, bobby pins, and some cotton swabs.  Keep the

hair products in the bridal suite at the reception hall and have someone in your bridal party hold

on to the powder and lipstick for you in their purse.

2) Lipstick on your teeth can ruin a beautiful shot.  To prevent this, I like to apply lipstick, blot,

pat on some translucent powder over the lips to set it, apply another layer of lipstick, blot again,

and then lightly apply gloss.  Be careful not to overdo it with the gloss, as this can cause the lips

to bleed.  Just a small dab in the center is all you need.

3) At some point during the day, there's probably going to be some tears...happy ones!  Instead of

hiding a tissue or hanky in your cleavage, which won't look so classy when you need to pull it

out, fold a small piece of tissue and hide it in your bouquet.  Then when you need it, you can

elegantly pull it out and dab your (happy) tears away.

4) It's the middle of your reception and you're done with formal pictures, but your feet are killing

you!  While we must all suffer for beauty sometimes, now is the time to kick back and enjoy

yourself.  Trade the strappy five-inch heels for some comfy white platform flip flops...if your dress is long, no one has to know! You can then boogie-woogie to your heart's content.

5) If you get a small smudge of makeup on your dress,  don't panic.  Take a small piece of white

chalk or white pencil eyeliner from your Bridal Emergency Kit (more on that in my next post) and

lightly rub it on your dress to temporarily cover the stain.

6) A light glow is sexy, but not a full-on sweat!  Instead of piling on powder over the shine,

which can look cakey after a while and darken over time, blot your face with a tissue or blotting paper first.  Press lightly to absorb all the oils, then powder lightly with a big fluffy brush.

7) You spent all that time, money, and effort on your hair and makeup but don’t forget about

your body. A nice shimmer body lotion on your shoulders and collarbone will look gorgeous in

person and on camera. Just be sure not to use anything with glitter – it’s too disco for weddings

and will reflect badly in photographs.

8) While you are getting primped and prepped, take off any socks, bras with straps, or other

clothing that will leave marks on your skin. I once had to go to a wedding and forgot to take off my ankle socks before I got dressed and had to arrive with sock marks on my ankles. So classy, Jess! After taking off any tight clothing, cover up with a nice fluffy robe or a loose button-down shirt for easy changing.

Hope these tips are helpful! Happy wedding day!

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