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Bridal Emergency Kit

In a perfect world, nothing will go wrong on your wedding day. The sun will be shining, the birds will be chirping, the caterers will be on time, and none of your bridesmaids will be hungover. But, Murphy's law states that "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

Who the heck is Murphy anyway? And why is he such a pessimist? Not to worry, my starry-eyed bride. I have compiled a list of things you should pack in your Emergency Kit for JUST IN CASE something does go wrong. Print this page out or make a list on your phone and bring it with you to the store. Do it a few days before your wedding so that if you forget an item, you can always pick it up at the store. If you’re a maid of honor reading this, this is a great way to fulfill your duties and win the Best Maid of Honor Ever Award.

· Q-tips

· Bobby Pins

· Tweezers

· Hairspray

· Mini Sewing Kit

· Chalk or White/Off-White Pencil Eyeliner (for an instant temporary fix for smudges on dress)

· Nail Polish (to cover up chips)

· Mints

· Floss

· Mini Mouthwash

· Deodorant

· Shoe Inserts (just in case your feet start hurting)

· Power or Protein Bar

· Bottled Water

· Straws (for drinking so you don't mess up your lipstick)

· Tissue

· Safety Pins

· Double-sided Tape (for clothing)

· Aspirin

· Clear or Flesh Colored Bandaids

· Hand Sanitizer and/or Wipes

· Pepto Bismol Tablets or Tums

· Visine

· Tampons and Pads

· Crazy Glue (to fix broken nails, jewelry, headpieces, heels, etc)

· Phone Charger

*You don’t have to carry around a full-sized bottle of everything. A lot of stores have a section of travel-sized items that are great for getting minis. Also, don’t forget a powder and lipstick or gloss for touch ups!

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