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What Happened After I Used LumiSpa For A Month

When I was in middle school, I had horrible acne. It was a hormonal time and my face was rioting. Thankfully, I didn’t have acne all over my face, just on my forehead. However, it is important to note that I was living in the 1980s at the time and the trend was gravity-defying bangs sprayed with Aquanet to conform into some sort of high, poufed-up ‘do. Hence, exposed pimply forehead. All that hairspray probably didn’t help and most likely clogged my pores even more.

I used every pimple cream possible, which back then meant either Oxy 10 or Clearasil. We also had those Neutrogena cleansing pads, which were a bit harsh on the skin. Back then, the idea was to dry out those pesky pimples as much as possible, but current studies show that drying out the skin can worsen acne. The American Academy of Dermatology Association advises not to use astringent and other acne treatments that dry the skin out. “Dry skin is irritated skin. Anytime you irritate your skin, you risk getting more acne,” they caution.

Eventually, my acne cleared up by the time I entered high school. Following my 2-3 year bout, I was left with clear skin. Now that I didn’t have to worry about anything other than the occasional pimple, I was free of obsessing about skincare products. Throughout my 20’s and 30’s, I was able to get by with washing my face with a Dove bar. I splurged on the occasional cleanser (I loved those foaming ones) but I became lazy with my skincare.

I know as a makeup artist I should have been more diligent. My mom constantly hounded me about taking care of my skin, but even with the minimal attention I was giving it, I had no issues. My friends would comment on my good skin and ask what I used and I would simply tell them, “Dove soap.” They would bemoan their adult acne but I told them that I had paid my dues as a tween, which is the most awkward phase one can go through even without a pizza forehead.

However, now that I’m in my 40’s, I started noticing how dull and uneven my skin had been looking. Without foundation and blush, I looked lifeless and tired. It was time to up my skincare, I decided. I wrote a piece about Korean skincare recently and I decided I had to walk my talk if I was going to be recommending products to people. So when I had the chance to try out a cleansing device, I jumped on it.

I Upped My Skincare Game

I’ve heard about NuSkin from an acquaintance who posted videos of her using the LumiSpa, which is a handheld tool with a rotating silicone head. Used in conjunction with their cleanser, the LumiSpa gently removes dirt, oil, makeup, and impurities from the skin.

After I received my LumiSpa, I was pretty excited to try it! That night, I dabbed the cleanser on my skin and gently moved the device along my skin. According to the instructions, you’re supposed to go across your face in a smooth, long line as opposed to making circular motions. I didn’t get as much suds as I thought and I realized I had to be more liberal with the cleanser. Immediately after using it for the first time, I noticed my skin was a lot softer.

The next time I tried it, I made sure I put on a good amount (like a teaspoon full) and it did make more suds. It’s not supposed to be super sudsy like a foaming cleanser, but trust that it did take off my makeup. I could see my foundation on the head of the device and I had no residue when I was done. I made a vow to use it 2x a day, which was hard because I was so used to just quickly washing my face with my trusty Dove bar. However, it was so easy to use that it wasn’t hard to commit to it. The LumiSpa automatically shuts off after 2 minutes so there’s no thinking or timing it, which helps in the mornings when you’re a mombie.

LumiSpa demonstration (not me)

I also loved that it’s not a complicated machine. The silicone head easily snaps off for easy cleaning and to turn it on, all you do is press a button. I also love that it exfoliates my skin while cleaning it, so it saves me a step in my skincare. After using it for a month, my skin was definitely softer and smoother. I also noticed that my foundation goes on smoother and doesn’t sink into my pores as much. Even as the weather’s getting colder, I haven’t experienced the usual dryness. Right now I’m using the normal/combo cleanser but I’ll probably switch to the dry skin option when winter comes.

You can try it out for yourself by clicking here. I do receive a portion of sales if you buy it through the link, but I honestly love the LumiSpa and wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t have great results!

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